Fundamentals: Teaching + Learning Workshop Series

This workshop series addressed practical strategies for new instructors.  Materials from previously offered workshops are below.

“Teaching for the First Time”
This workshop helped new instructors learn how to prepare, plan and implement best teaching practices.

“Syllabus Design”
This workshop introduced basic principles of syllabus design.  

“Classroom Communication”
This workshop introduced strategies that help new instructors communicate in their classroom.

“Interactive Classrooms”
This workshop introduced strategies that promote active learning in the classroom.

“Grading Strategies”
This workshop introduced strategies that help new instructors learn to grade effectively and efficiently.

“Designing Grading Rubrics”
This workshop addressed designing an effective rubric and assessing the quality of a rubric you create.

“Getting Timely Feedback on Your Teaching”
This workshop introduced a variety of ways to get feedback instructors can use to improve their teaching during the semester.

Supporting Student Study Habits
At this workshop participants learned about the issues Brown students encounter while studying and what they can do to help students avoid pitfalls and get on track to succeed in courses.