Teaching Literature Workshop Series

This workshop series was designed to bring literature instructors together to explore various aspects of teaching literature.   Materials from previously offered workshops are below.

Contemplative Approaches to Teaching Literature
Led by Cristina Serverius (Comparative Literature), this workshop introduced a form of inquiry that promotes deep listening and repeated observation, and explored how contemplative methods can be used to help students develop their own voice when reading and writing about literature.  

Course/Syllabus Design for Literature Classes
Facilitated by Zachary Sng (German Studies & Comparative Literature), this workshop explored strategies for designing literature courses/syllabi.

Engaging Lectures
Led by Arnold Weinstein (Comparative Literature), this workshop explored ways of planning, delivering and assessing the effectiveness of lectures in literature courses. 

Leading Discussions
Facilitated by Stephanie Merrim (Comparative Literature & Hispanic Studies), this workshop explored ways of seeding, structuring, and enabling discussion in literature courses.

Responding to Student Writing in Literature Classes
Led by Writing Support Programs Director Doug Brown, this workshop introduced effective strategies for responding to student writing in literature courses.

Teaching Literature in Translation
Led by Meera Viswanathan (Comparative Literature), this workshop explored approaches to teaching literature in translation.  Topics that were discussed included how we might deal with the convergence of literature, language, culture; the challenges posed in teaching a text for those reading it in translation alongside those reading it in the original; the issues associated with teaching a translated text from a little-known language/cultural tradition/time period; and finally the problems of literary translation generally.  

Teaching, Not Telling: The Workshop Method of Teaching Literature
Led by Susan Solomon (Comparative Literature), this workshop introduced ways of encouraging students to self-reflect in order to help them develop the analytic and interpretive skills they need to produce their own readings of texts.

Theory in the Literature Classroom
Led by Zachary Sng (German Studies & Comparative Literature), this workshop explored how to design and teach a class on literary theory, and addressed the question of how literary theory can inform your literature teaching in general.