Reflective Learning Workshop Series

This workshop series explored reflective learning (or metacognition), the Center’s theme for 2011-12.

Nurturing the Development of the Reflective Thinker: Essential Skills for Learning
Led by Geology Professor Karl Wirth (Macalester College), this workshop introduced effective strategies for helping students become better learners.  Prof. Wirth provided a brief introduction to metacognition and several examples of activities that can be used to improve student learning (reflective journaling, exam wrappers, critical thinking, and reading reflections).  Workshop participants had an opportunity to plan and design activities for their own courses.

Reading, Reflecting, and Relating: A Metacognitive Approach to Learning
Led by Geology Professor Karl Wirth (Macalester College), this workshop explored how instructors can use reading reflections – a simple out-of-class activity – to help students become better readers.  Prof. Wirth provided an introduction to metacognition, reading, and an example reading reflection activity; then workshop participants had an opportunity to design their own activity to improve reading in their courses.

Teaching, Not Telling: The Workshop Method of Teaching Literature
Led by Susan Solomon (Comparative Literature), this workshop introduced ways of encouraging students to self-reflect in order to help them develop the analytic and interpretive skills they need to produce their own readings of texts.