About SAC

What is SAC?

SAC is the President’s Staff Advisory Council. SAC’s mission is to facilitate active and direct communication between University staff and the President and to provide a forum for discussion and investigation of issues important to the staff and the University. SAC then presents formal recommendations to the President.

In support of this mission, SAC’s guiding principles are to:

  • act as advisors to the President and Senior Administrators with the aim of creating a positive working environment for all University employees;
  • provide staff input into Brown University’s decision-making processes that directly affect staff;
  • select staff members to serve on important institutional committees and provide input on policies and procedures which pertain to or impact staff and the University community;
  • establish sub-committees and ad hoc groups to develop activities which strive to continually improve communication and morale through special educational, recreational, informational and community service events;
  • encourage social responsibility and service to the University and the surrounding community;
  • provide a supportive network to collaborate with the University in communicating and achieving its goals.

Who is eligible to be on SAC?

Any University staff member with two years of regular University service who is not a member of a union is eligible for membership. The membership of the council is limited to not more than twenty members appointed by the President. The President appoints ex-officio members. including a SAC Advisor, at his/her discretion.

How can serving on SAC help me?

SAC has many rewards for its members, but many of these are internal. You will represent your fellow staff members as you meet with some of the most influential people on campus, and have a direct impact on what the President hears from our group. Participating in SAC can give you a great feeling knowing that you are making a difference on campus, and are providing a much needed service to this great institution.

Your work on a subcommittee will provide you with an opportunity to do a variety of services for the University. It could be helping to determine the selection of a staff member on another key committee, or working to get important information out to staff members in different ways, or assisting on an event that helps staff and others in the Providence area. These activities are also very personally satisfying.

In addition, you will meet members of the University that you may not have had a chance to meet if you were not on the council. We are constantly meeting with guests and University officials including some events with the President.

Participation in a group like SAC sends a message to your coworkers and supervisors that you are interested in contributing above and beyond your regular duties. It shows a lot about your character and that you care about the staff as a whole. This message can only help you in your career at Brown.

For more information about the Staff Advisory Council, please view the PDF below.

Please watch this video about staff members joing the President's Staff Advisory Council.