About SAC

What We Do

In support of its mission, SAC’s guiding principles are to:

• Act as advisers to the president and senior administrators with the aim of creating a positive working environment for all University employees;

•Provide staff input into Brown University’s decision‐making processes that directly affect staff;

• Select staff members to serve on important institutional committees;

• Provide input on policies and procedures which pertain to or impact staff and the University community;

• Establish committees and ad hoc groups to develop activities that strive to continually improve communication and morale through special educational, recreational, informational, and community service events;

• Create networking opportunities for staff across the University;

• Encourage social responsibility and service to the University and the surrounding community;

• Provide a supportive network to collaborate with the University in communicating and achieving its goals.

For more details, read the SAC bylaws.

updated 2/10/16