Amabassador Program

During the course of the twelve month program, Ambassadors will learn about the functional purpose of all academic and non-academic areas in an interesting and enjoyable format. Developed from a recommendation from SAC, the goals of the program are to:

  • Expose staff/faculty to both big picture and intricacies of how the University operates
  • Provide participants with a clearer understanding of the value of their role within the University and of their contribution to the PAE
  • Provide staff an opportunity to become more involved and connected to the University
  • Foster increased and enhanced communication across departments and divisions
  • Leverage fresh perspectives in generating new ideas and solutions for the University
  • Serve as form of staff recognition
  • Promote employee retention

The program will be open to staff at all levels-work 67% time or greater and have completed probationary period and open to regular faculty. The application process begins every fall . Watch Morning Mail for more details, or visit the Human Resources website.