Meeting Summaries and Minutes


Date  Location Agenda, Minutes, & Summary
August 23 SPS, 200 Dyer St. SAC discussed the First Readings selection "My Beloved World" in preparation for the staff book discussion on August 26.
July 26 Petterutti Lounge, Campus Center Agenda | Minutes
SAC members presented to President Paxson. SAC discussed the staff survey results and plans to disseminate them via SAC Says and implement ideas given by staff.
July 12 SPS, 200 Dyer St. Agenda | Minutes
Elections took place for two new co-chairs to begin January 2017. Human Resources representatives discussed continuing the New Employee Advisory Program and piloting a new staff mentoring program. Committees met to discuss SAC recruiting for 2016, BEARtalks, and the second installment of the Brown Bag Affinity Series.
June 21 Corporation Room, University Hall Agenda
Committees met to debrief on Staff Development Day and discuss the pilot newsletter "SAC Says" contents. Diversity and Inclusion introduced the BEARtalks initiative, to take place in August. 
May 10 McKinney Conference Room, Watson Institute Agenda | Minutes 
Committees met to discuss the BrowniePoints (piloting June 1), a monthly e-newsletter for all staff, SAC's involvement with Staff Development Day including volunteer initiatives and the Farmer's Market, and a field day for staff to take place in late June.
April 26 Petterutti Lounge, Campus Center Agenda | Minutes 
Two members of Brown Student Agencies presented Souk, a simplified Craigslist style bulletin board for the Brown community. Available initially for students only, SAC discussed how it could be used for staff. Committees met to discuss Diversity & Inclusion Roundtable Talks (summer), a series of conversations on staff concerns (stay tuned) and outreach enhancements, such as a monthly e-newsletter.
April 12 Hillel Meeting Room Agenda | Minutes 
Cass Cliatt, VP of Communications, spoke to SAC about internal and external communications at Brown. Read the talking points here. 
Committees met to plan upcoming social events and volunteer opportunities and BrowniePoints, which has officially been launched.
March 22 SPS, 200 Dyer St. Agenda | Minutes 
SAC learned about Brown's existing and future sustainability efforts through Facilities Mangagement and updates to the staff performance management system through HR. Committees met to discuss the Diversity & Inclusion Affinity Series, upcoming networking/social events, updates on volunteer opportunities for staff, and ongoing outreach to staff.
March 8 Petterutti Lounge, Campus Center Agenda | Minutes 
Committees met to discuss updates on upcoming events, staff outreach opportunities, diversity and inclusion conversations, and volunteer opportunities. Provost Richard Locke spoke about the Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan. Read the Talking Points here.
February 9 SPS, 200 Dyer St. SAC took part in a teambuilding and leadership exercise led by Judie Nabb, University Human Resources.
January 26 Corporation Room, University Hall Agenda | Minutes
Committees met to discuss goals, ideas, and plans for the calendar year 2016. Each committee presented to the entire council for feedback and collaboration. 
January 13 Petterutti Lounge, Campus Center Agenda | Minutes
New members met the existing council and took part in teambuilding activities. Two ad-hoc committees were approved with working titles: the Diversity & Inclusion Committee and the Volunteer Opportunities Committee.