Meeting Summaries and Minutes


Date   Minutes & Summary
September 12 Minutes
Meeting with President Paxson to discuss core values related to Brown staff, SAC's role in the culture of Brown from the staff perspective, and ways to have conversations with colleagues on Brown culture.
July 11 Minutes
Planning for condensed Conflict Management training, clothing drive for Brown students, a make-a-blanket event for Project Linus, and ways of identifying fellow staff at Meet & Mingles including wristbands and nametags.
April 18 Minutes
Tracie Mederos, Director of Finance & Operations for School of Professional Studies, gave a presentation on SPS, its role at Brown, and opportunities for staff. Discussion of Coffee & Conversations Series, including new topics for Fall 2017, as well as updates on Staff Development Day volunteer opportunities. 
April 4 Minutes
Planning for Staff Bingo and Staff Development Day roles and responsibilities, as well as initial discussion of second annual Field Day. Advisor Wendy McRae-Owoeye updated SAC on OIDI Luncheon Series.
March 21 No minutes.
Team-building exercise with Judy Nabb, University Human Resources.
March 7  Minutes
Committee presentations on current progress, including
several volunteer opportunities for April, BEARtalk, and plans plans for the April Affinity Series installment.
February 7 Minutes
Committee presentations to SAC as a whole on goals and initiatives. Planning for D&I Brown Bag Lunch Affinity Series, Blessing Bag drive, Coffee & Convserations on Professional Development at Brown, and initial discussion of SAC's involvement with Staff Development Day.
January 24 Minutes
Initial committee meetings and discussions of goals and initiatives including Diversity & Inclusion events, Meet & Mingles, Coffee & Conversations, and volunteer opportunities for staff. Presentation from Deputy Provost Joe Meisel on NEASC re-accreditation.
January 10 Minutes
Orientation, voting on ad-hoc committees, team-building, establishment of SAC goals for 2017, and expectations.