Meeting Summaries and Minutes


Date   Minutes & Summary
April 18 Minutes
Tracie Mederos, Director of Finance & Operations for School of Professional Studies, gave a presentation on SPS, its role at Brown, and opportunities for staff. Discussion of Coffee & Conversations Series, including new topics for Fall 2017, as well as updates on Staff Development Day volunteer opportunities. 
April 4 Minutes
Planning for Staff Bingo and Staff Development Day roles and responsibilities, as well as initial discussion of second annual Field Day. Advisor Wendy McRae-Owoeye updated SAC on OIDI Luncheon Series.
March 21 No minutes.
Team-building exercise with Judy Nabb, University Human Resources.
March 7  Minutes
Committee presentations on current progress, including
several volunteer opportunities for April, BEARtalk, and plans plans for the April Affinity Series installment.
February 7 Minutes
Committee presentations to SAC as a whole on goals and initiatives. Planning for D&I Brown Bag Lunch Affinity Series, Blessing Bag drive, Coffee & Convserations on Professional Development at Brown, and initial discussion of SAC's involvement with Staff Development Day.
January 24 Minutes
Initial committee meetings and discussions of goals and initiatives including Diversity & Inclusion events, Meet & Mingles, Coffee & Conversations, and volunteer opportunities for staff. Presentation from Deputy Provost Joe Meisel on NEASC re-accreditation.
January 10 Minutes
Orientation, voting on ad-hoc committees, team-building, establishment of SAC goals for 2017, and expectations.