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Geralyn Ducady Appointed to Campus Safety Task Force

October 21, 2013
Geralyn Ducady

SAC member Geralyn Ducady has been appointed to the newly formed Campus Safety Task Force chaired by Russell Carey, Executive VP for Policy and Planning. President Paxson announced the formation of the task force in her September message to the community about campus safety.

Below is the task force’s full charge.  We look forward to hearing from this group and seeing the recommendations they produce. 


The Campus Safety Task Force has been charged by the President to assess the campus safety resources Brown University currently has in place and determine and recommend areas for improvement. The Task Force will examine:

  • tighter integration between Brown Shuttle, Brown OnCall and the Safewalk program;
  • opportunities for better safety education for Brown students, faculty and staff; 
  • the possible expansion of law enforcement technology such as improved surveillance cameras to investigate and deter crime, campus lighting, and Blue Light emergency phones ;
  • the effectiveness and utilization of the Brown OnCall Pilot Program during the fall semester; 
  • other related issues and concerns identified by members of the Task Force and the Brown community.

The Task Force will deliver a report to the President, with recommendations, no later than the end of the fall semester, 2013.