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Dorinda Moulton to Retire After 30 Years at Brown

July 29, 2014

Dorinda Moulton joined the Department of Computer Science at Brown 30 years ago. Currently the department’s User Services Coordinator, she landed at Brown right out of school. Since her arrival, “I’ve watched the department grow and change. This job is always exciting because there is always something new. Plus, I have the best boss I could have. He never criticizes and always make you feel good about yourself,” referring to CS Director of Information Technology Jeff Coady (also retiring this summer). 

“I was extremely shy when I came to CS,” she admits. “I’m not anymore. I feel very comfortable in my role,” which is serving as the first line of attack for technology issues in the department. “I especially love being with the undergrads. They have less pressure on them, so they are fun, goofy, and friendly.”

A lifelong animal lover, Dorinda has three cats and a deep passion for caring for vulnerable animals. Post-retirement, Dorinda hopes to remain in Rhode Island for three years, then move to Utah to volunteer for the Best Friends Animal Society – “a wonderful, wonderful place!” that is close to her heart. As a two-time past volunteer for the society, Dorinda appreciates their cageless approach to sheltering animals. “My role as a volunteer involved shoveling lots of lots of horse poop,” she laughs. “I love it because I can play and love the animals, walk the cats and dogs, groom the horses…and, of course, shovel poop!” 

Few people know that Dorinda was a co-author of the original Rhode Island Recycle Law – the precursor to the state’s now institutionalized widespread recycling efforts. “For years, organizations like Save the Bay had been fighting for a bottle bill. As president of the [now defunct] Rhode Island Liquor Store Association, I co-authored and fought for three years for a recycling bill, speaking before committees and lobbying legislators.” 

Dorinda will be retiring at the end of August. When asked about her immediate plans post-retirement, Dorinda doesn’t hesitate. “I plan to sleep late with no alarm clock!”