Campus Development

Brown University is a dynamic center of research, teaching, and extracurricular life housed in a rich and historic architectural setting.

Initially crafted with brick and mortar before the founding of the republic, the campus has grown and changed over nearly two and a half centuries to reflect the values and needs of the academic mission of the University at each stage of its development. The campus is beloved by members of its community. Its eclectic mix of architectural styles emphasizes the University’s long history as well as its forward-looking outlook. Its human scale and compact size supports intellectual exchange across disciplines and instills a sense of community among our members.

We have three overarching goals for the development of the Brown campus. One is to maintain the sense of intimacy and connectedness that characterizes our setting, while allowing for continued modest growth in the numbers of undergraduate, graduate students, and faculty, and for changes in needs related to academics and other aspects of campus life. A second is to create a “virtual campus” that supports ties between members of the Brown community – faculty, students, staff, alumni, and parents – despite their geographic dispersion. A third is to engage in responsible historical, fiscal, and environmental stewardship and sustainability.