Financial Aid Resources

The Committee has reviewed a number of student, parent, and alumni surveys.

  • Institutional research
    Data from the Brown University Office of Institutional Research (OIR)
  • Alumni Survey 2009
    A survey from the class of 1998 assessed their opinions on the cost of their education after a period of 10 years following their graduation. Did the benefits of attending Brown outweigh the financial cost? How connected do they feel to Brown?
  • Parent Survey/Senior Survey — May 2012
    How difficult was it to pay for college education? How great a worry is loan debt? What was the family impact of paying for an education at Brown?
  • Senior Survey 2008-10
    Responses about foregoing experiences including study abroad, extracurricular activities, community service, and non-paying research opportunities.

 For more information about financial aid at Brown, see: