Integrative Scholarship

Brown has a distinctive tradition of producing scholars who assimilate and integrate ideas in a multi- disciplinary fashion.

The Brown Curriculum encourages undergraduates to explore widely across the curriculum and to draw connections across diverse areas of study. Brown’s collaborative environment supports research in areas that benefit from an integrative lens.

We will build on this strength by making focused investments in seven integrative themes that are important to society, now and in the future. The themes will build on current departmental and faculty strength, enhance the curriculum, leverage existing and new partnerships with public and private institutions locally and abroad, and foster creative scholarship that has a positive impact not only on the Brown campus but also in the community, the nation, and the world.

In most instances, investments in the themes will be made through existing departments, schools, and centers. Rather than creating new structures, we will coalesce and grow our current academic units in alignment with these themes. Brown’s existing interdisciplinary centers will play a crucial role in sustaining academic communities that bridge disciplines and support outstanding scholarship. The establishment of these themes, however, will not supplant Brown’s long-standing commitment to providing all its faculty, students, and staff with the resources and support required to excel at scholarship and education, nor will it entail a retreat from the strongest programs and areas of scholarship that were cultivated under the Plan for Academic Enrichment that continue to bring distinction to Brown.

Each theme will be built on the foundation of an integrated plan of scholarship and education, with opportunities for broad faculty and student involvement. Brown’s success in these areas will require the dedicated and focused efforts of faculty and staff as well as a commitment of new resources: new faculty in carefully chosen areas who will complement and strengthen our current faculty; seed funds for innovative new research and the development of new courses; fellowship support for graduate students; internship and research support for undergraduates; and (in some cases) renovated and new facilities.