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Can mindfulness help patients stay in treatment?

September 16, 2015: Brown researchers will lead a multi-institutional set of studies examining whether mindfulness interventions are effective in helping patients stick with medically recommended lifestyle changes.

Researchers develop key component for terahertz wireless

September 14, 2015: Brown researchers develop what they think is the first system for multiplexing terahertz waves.

At ICERM: Girls Get Math

August 24, 2015: Rising 10th and 11th grade girls from all over Rhode Island come to Providence for a mathematics day camp at ICERM, Brown University’s math institute.

New diagnostic tools for dehydration severity in children

August 21, 2015: In a new study, researchers report two sensitive and specific diagnostic tools derived from the cases of hundreds of young children in Bangladesh.

Brown to lead $4-million solar cell research

August 14, 2015: A team led by Brown researchers has been awarded $4 million by the NSF to study a promising new type of solar cell.

Fellowship allows grateful mentee to become a great mentor

August 11, 2015: With a new, nationally competitive Gilliam fellowship from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Valerie Zabala will be able to provide to others the gift of guidance she has received.

Brown researchers helping to select Mars 2020 rover landing sites

August 5, 2015: NASA’s Mars exploration team is looking for a good spot to land a new rover, and Brown University geologists are right in the thick of the process.

Brain science grants span campus, hospitals

May 13, 2015: With “New Frontiers” awards from the Brown Institute for Brain Science and the Norman Prince Neurosciences Institute, brain science researchers at Brown and affiliated hospitals will embark on year-long studies of autism, epilepsy, pain, and stroke.

New research lab will support evidence-based policies to serve Rhode Island families

May 13, 2015: Brown researchers will collaborate with the Office of the Governor of Rhode Island to help state agencies design evidence-based policies to better serve local families.

Grand Opening: Social Enterprise Greenhouse

March 27, 2015: The Social Enterprise Greenhouse, an organization that supports social development ventures at every stage of their growth, has leased new quarters at 10 Davol Square, a Brown-owned building in the Jewelry District.

Deans’ Faculty Fellows

March 19, 2015: Ten doctoral candidates receive the Dean’s Faculty Fellowship in this first year of awards. A joint pilot initiative of the Graduate School and the Office of the Dean of the Faculty, the fellowships are designed to allow advanced graduate students to strengthen their teaching portfolios by developing their own courses in consultation with a faculty mentor.

Room for Growth

March 16, 2015: Can art influence engineering? Victoria Wu ’15 thinks so. “Communicating across disciplines is a really useful skill for anyone in this world. Your prior knowledge shouldn’t prevent you from learning something new.”

New way to make perovskite solar cells

March 16, 2015: Brown researchers have developed a new method for making solar cells from perovskite — a faster, more straightforward method that can produce flexible, high-efficiency, thinner cells.

11 PhD Students Embark on ‘Open Graduate’ Journeys

March 11, 2015: There are 11 members in the fourth cohort of the Open Graduate Education program in which students define and pursue their own academic journeys. Doctoral students who participate gain the flexibility and resources to pursue a master’s degree in a secondary field while they earn their doctorates.

Topping off new Applied Math building

Feb 18, 2015: President Paxson, Mayor Elorza and others mark the topping off of the new building at Hope and George streets.

Biotech startups moving into 349 Eddy St.

March 11, 2015: Brown has leased 349 Eddy St. for three years to ProThera Biologics, which plans to sublet some of the space to other biotech firms. The deal continues Brown’s vision for the 4,000-square-foot building as a welcoming home for startup.

Full Mind

February 23, 2015: Willoughby Britton believes in the power of mindfulness meditation to change your brain-and your life–for the better. She just wants you to be careful.

Jack of All Stages

February 16, 2015: For an artist with talents in acting, directing, singing, dancing, writing, and even stand-up comedy, choosing one discipline to study in graduate school can seem impossible. That’s why Kyle Vincent Terry—an MFA candidate in the class of 2016—ended up at Brown.

Dispatches from Nicaragua

March 23, 2015: A group of Brown undergraduates and aspiring foreign correspondents spend the week in the college town of León, Nicaragua, under the tutelage of Stephen Kinzer, journalist in residence at the Watson Institute.

2015 GELT grants awarded

Jan 23, 2015: Recipients of the second round of Global Experiential Learning and Teaching grants are announced. The GELT program, unveiled in 2014, helps faculty embed an education-abroad component into an on-campus course.

Brown University’s interdisciplinary programmes develop global thought leaders

Jan 21, 2015: The Education Post in Hong Kong takes a look at Brown’s strategic plan, Building on Distinction.

Mellon grant to fund digital scholarship initiative

Jan 5, 2015: An initiative for digital scholarship — an important element in the University’s strategic plan, Building on Distinction — has received a $1.3-million grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Five years after quake, Brown partnership continues in Haiti

Jan 5, 2015: A partnership between Brown University and the St. Damien Pediatric Hospital forged just after Haiti’s devastating January 2010 earthquake is still going strong.

Study IDs risk factors linking low birthweight to diabetes

Jan 5, 2015: A new study of more than 3,000 women confirms that low birthweight predicts an increased risk of type 2 diabetes in adulthood and reports which intermediating biomarkers appear to be the best predictors.

Keeping the heat on

Jan 2, 2015: Medical students help ensure that low-income families will have heat this winter.


New technology makes tissues, someday maybe organs

Dec 22, 2015: A new instrument could someday build replacement human organs the way electronics are assembled today: with precise picking and placing of parts. A new grant from the National Science Foundation will allow for major improvements including automation.

Bacteria could be rich source for making terpenes

Dec 22, 2014: New research at Brown University and in Japan suggests bacteria could be a rich source of terpenes, the natural compounds common in plants and fungi that are used to make drugs, food additives, perfumes, and other products.

Med students’ site translates Ferguson medical jargon

Dec 15, 2014: A group of nine Brown University medical students has posted lay translations of the medical evidence considered by the grand jury in the Michael Brown/Ferguson, Mo., case. The effort to provide a straightforward simplification of the jargon is meant to make the information more publicly accessible.

Ground broken for South Street Landing Project

Dec 15, 2014: Brown President Christina Paxson joined presidents from URI and Rhode Island College, elected officials, and other representatives for a ceremonial groundbreaking at the South Street Landing Project. The project will house administrative offices for Brown University and a shared nursing education center for URI and RIC.

Flipping the canvas: Alumni artists return to teach

Dec 12, 2014: Four alumni artists returned to campus to teach the “Critique Intensive” class in the Department of Visual Arts. They focused on technique but also delivered some practical advice about life as an artist after Brown.

Making telepresence more useful

Dec 12, 2014: Students in a robotics class spent the semester thinking about and building devices with a human-centered design principle. The students will demonstrate their work at an open house Friday, Dec. 12.

Brown is “Green University of 2014”

Dec 10, 2014: A group of Brown students attending the U.N. climate change negotiations in Peru as part of an environmental studies course accepted the “Green University of 2014 award on behalf of Brown.

Consistent distraction does not hinder learning

Dec 9, 2014: A new study challenges the idea that distraction is necessarily a problem for learning.

Dedicated: Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice

Oct 30, 2014: Faculty, students, alumni, staff, and President Emerita Ruth Simmons gather to dedicate the Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice and visit its new home at 94 Waterman Street.

All aboard the Urban Studies bus tours

Oct 30, 2014: Faculty members from the Urban Studies Program will lead free bus tours of Providence, focusing on schools, street art, waterfront, urban agriculture and other themes.

Can the wave function of an electron be divided and trapped?

Oct 28, 2014: New research suggests the electron's quantum state — the electron wave function — can be separated into many parts.

Taubman Center’s new poll on AG, governor races

Oct 28, 2014: Brown University’s A. Alfred Taubman Center for Public Policy and American Institutions has conducted a new public opinion survey of 500 registered Rhode Island voters on the current gubernatorial and attorney general races.

Naloxone toolkit debuts with input from Rich, Green

Oct 27, 2014: Jody Rich and Traci Green, both medical faculty members at Brown, and Lifespan experts in overdose, contributed to a new U.S. Department of Justice toolkit aimed at helping law enforcement agencies use the overdose death-preventing drug naloxone.

New evidence for exotic, predicted superconducting state

Oct 26, 2014: A research team led by a Brown University physicist has produced new evidence for an exotic superconducting state, first predicted a half-century ago, that can arise when a superconductor is exposed to a strong magnetic field.

Mindfulness associated with better health

Oct 23, 2014: A new study that measured “dispositional mindfulness” along with seven indicators of cardiovascular health found that persons reporting higher degrees of awareness of their present feelings and experiences had better health.

Imagine Providence: Local Leaders Share Visions for the City, Through Stories

Oct 22, 2014: Imagine Providence is a new resource for students interested in exploring social issues and the city of Providence. It is a collection of four-minute audio stories with the leaders of more than 20 local nonprofit organizations

Brown Corporation accepts $121 million in new gifts

Oct 19, 2014: At its regular October meeting the governing body of Brown University formally accepted gifts totaling more than $121 million in support of financial aid, internships, and academic priorities.

Brown to host National Society of Black Engineers conference

Oct 15, 2014: Brown’s reinvigorated chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers will host the NSBE New England zone conference Saturday.

These roos were made for walking, study suggests

Oct 15, 2014: Based on a rigorous comparative analysis of kangaroo anatomy, researchers posit that the ancient family of sthenurine kangaroos that lived until 30,000 years ago likely preferred walking to hopping.

Brown to host national HIV scientific symposium Nov. 6

Oct 10, 2014: Speakers representing the nation’s 19 Centers for AIDS Research will present their original research on the biology, medicine, and public health of the epidemic.

From the Ground Up

Oct 9, 2014: Every week, Brown Market Shares is growing a local food movement by bringing a variety of vegetables, meat, dairy, and bread from farmers and businesses across Rhode Island and Eastern Massachusetts to College Hill.

Earth Science Women’s Network becomes nonprofit

Oct 8, 2014: Six women in the Earth sciences had an informal dinner in 2002. Twelve years later, the Earth Science Women’s Network has more than 2,000 members and is establishing itself as a nonprofit international organization for peer mentoring and advocacy.

Working memory hinders learning in schizophrenia

Oct 7, 2014: Trouble with working memory makes a distinct contribution to the difficulty people with schizophrenia sometimes have in learning, according to a new study.

A new way to extract bone-making cells from fat tissue

Oct 6, 2014: By sorting human fat tissue cells by their expression of a certain gene, Brown University scientists were able to retrieve a high yield of cells that showed an especially strong propensity to make bone tissue.

Research By the Dozens

Sept/Oct 2014: Political science professor Ross Cheit calls it “extreme research.” To help him track down material for his recent book on child sexual abuse, The Witch-Hunt Narrative, more than eighty students joined in to help hunt down primary sources.

Career Fair draws more students, more employers

Sept 18, 2014: More than 1,800 students participated in the Fall Career Fair, making it one of the largest to date. It featured 113 different employers in fields as diverse as education, finance, activism, consulting, media, and technology.

TWC to re-brand

Sept 10, 2014: After more than 40 years of service to the Brown community, the Third World Center is changing its name to the Brown Center for Students of Color. The name change launches a five-year strategic plan to strengthen the center’s core activities, extend its reach on campus and in the community, and honor its legacy of informed activism and social justice.

John Hay Library reopens

Sept 5, 2014: Opening the building and its collections was the driving force behind a year's worth of renovations to the John Hay Library.

Watching cancer run

Aug 21, 2014: A microscopic obstacle course of carefully spaced pillars enables researchers to observe cancer cells directly as they break away from a tumor mass and move more rapidly across the microchip. The device could be useful for testing cancer drugs and further research on the mechanics of metastasis.

Enhancing language skills with Rosetta Stone

Aug 17, 2014: Members of the campus community who have University computing accounts — and Brown alumni with computer accounts through Alumni Relations — now have free online access to Rosetta Stone instruction in 30 languages.

Copper foam turns CO2 into useful chemicals

Aug 12, 2014: Scientists at Brown’s Center for Capture and Conversion of CO2 show that copper foam could provide a new way to convert excess CO2 into useful industrial chemicals.

Brown holds annual Summer Research Symposium

Aug 7, 2014: Students who conducted summer research presented their work at the Brown Summer Research Symposium. Most projects were supported by Brown’s Karen T. Romer Undergraduate Teaching and Research Awards (UTRAs).

Camp stokes girls’ math interest

July 24, 2014: From Thomas Jefferson’s own cipher to the algorithms that enable digital image editing, math offers an almost limitless menu of experience. Thirty-one 10th- and 11th-grade girls plunged in at GirlsGetMath@ICERM camp this month.

KieranTimberlake to design new engineering building

July 18, 2014: The architecture firm KieranTimberlake will design a new building for Brown's School of Engineering. The facility will provide new lab space for the School's expanding research efforts. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2015.

Diving into data

July 17, 2014: Jane Furey ’15 use survey data to better understand sanitation and water access in sub-Saharan Africa.

Researchers discover boron “buckyball”

July 9, 2014: Researchers from Brown, Shanxi University and Tsinghua University in China show that a cluster of 40 boron atoms forms a hollow molecular cage similar to a carbon buckyball. It’s the first experimental evidence that a boron cage structure — previously only a matter of speculation — does indeed exist.

Venture for America returns to train future entrepreneurs

July 9, 2014: Venture for America has returned to campus for its third five-week summer training camp. The nonprofit’s class of 105 fellows will participate in lectures and exercises meant to prepare them for two-year fellowships.

Recipe for a BRYTE Summer

July 8, 2014: Now in its fourth summer, the BRYTE (Brown Refugee Youth Tutoring and Enrichment) Summer Camp provides an academic enrichment camp for refugee youth in Providence.

Virtual crowds produce real behavior insights

July 8, 2014: William Warren’s research group is advancing virtual reality technology in the service of studying the science of the swarm: how patterns of crowd movement emerge from individual behaviors. He describes the work in a conference keynote in Vancouver.

R.I. lead law effective, often ignored

July 7, 2014: Only one in five properties in Central Falls, Pawtucket, Providence, and Woonsocket that are covered by Rhode Island’s lead hazard mitigation law were in compliance with the statute more than four years after it took effect, according to a study by a local team of academic, government, and nonprofit researchers.

President Paxson at Aspen Ideas Festival

July 3, 2014: President Christina Paxson participates in the Aspen Ideas Festival.

Stem cell type resists chemo drug

July 2, 2014: In lab tests, Brown researchers from several disciplines show that adipose-derived stem cells, which can generate bone tissue, appear resistant to the toxicity of the chemotherapy drug methotrexate, which degrades bone in patients such as kids suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

The contemplative studies concentration

June 30, 2014: The College Curriculum Council approves contemplative studies as a concentration, turning the 10-year-old Contemplative Studies Initiative into a full-fledged degree option for students and making it the first college major of its kind in North America.

RISD/Brown/Erfurt team unveils unique fabric solar house

June 27, 2014: A student team from RISD, Brown, and the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, now in France, unpack and reassemble the solar house they built in Providence.

Costs of War: $4.4 trillion, 350,000 lives

June 26, 2014: The Costs of War project at Brown's Watson Institute for International Studies releases updated figures for the human and financial costs of the U.S. wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Emergence of bacterial vortex explained

June 23, 2014: Researchers at Brown and the University Cambridge explain the bi-directional vortex formed spontaneously by bacteria in a drop of water.

Stem pipeline problems to aid STEM diversity

June 18, 2014: A new analysis of disappointing results in the pipeline’s output leads two Brown biologists to suggest measures to help the flow overcome an apparent gravity.

First-graders flood campus

June 13, 2014 On a soggy Friday, 55 first-graders from the Paul Cuffee School in Providence flood campus for activities that supported their classroom work studying multiple intelligences.

Brown honors 20 Providence scholars

June 5, 2014: Brown is helping 20 Providence high school graduates pursue college plans with grants from its Fund for the Education of the Children of Providence. The students were honored at the home of President Christina Paxson during an event attended by school administrators, elected officials, the students, and their families and friends. All have plans to attend two- or four-year institutions of higher learning in September.

Agreement signed with Naval War College

June 6, 2014: Brown and the U.S. Naval War College signed an agreement to promote collaborative research and teaching between the two institutions that will address challenges to international security.

Corporation Accepts $25M Gift for Graduate Fellowships

May 27, 2014: At its regular Commencement Weekend meeting Friday morning, May 23, 2014, the Corporation of Brown University formally accepted gifts to the University totaling more than $46.6 million. The largest of those gifts — $25 million from anonymous donors — will underwrite 25 named fellowships, allowing the University to provide enhanced support for more of its highly accomplished doctoral candidates.

Corporation announces site for engineering building

May 24, 2014: At its regular Commencement Weekend meeting on Friday, May 23, 2014, the Corporation of Brown University approved building sites for the School of Engineering and the Division of Applied Mathematics

New environmental institute to launch

April 14, 2014: The Board of Fellows has approved creation of an Institute for the Study of Environment and Society (ISES) in the coming academic year. Environmental questions range in scale from molecular to planetary and demand research collaboration from many disciplines. The new center will draw on Brown’s strengths in environmental teaching and research to address those questions in a holistic way.