Welcome to Student Employment at Brown.

There are two systems you will be working with when hiring student workers:

Posting your Job(s):  The Student Employment site is a recruiting tool.  From here you will post student positions, view student applications, hire students, and receive SPA#s (Student Posting Authorization #s) that will be used when on-boarding a student in Workday.  In order to gain access to Student Employment,  you will need log-in permission.  Once approved, you will be able to post jobs, review student applications and select students to hire.  Please review each bullet point on the On-Campus Employer section of our website. The Employer Handbook details federal regulations, hiring and payroll processes, as well as tips and guidelines for interviewing, selecting, and supervising your student employee(s).

Human Resources & Payroll On-boarding:   Once you have selected students and hired them in Student Employment, you will submit student hiring information to your department manager or HR coordinator who will on-board the student(s) into the HR/Payroll System - Workday.  

If you are the Workday manager, you will log into Workday and use the "Create Position/Create Requisition" and "Add Job" business processes in order to add the student to your Supervisory Organization. The Workday Learning has helpful screencasts and jobaids that will assist you with these processes. 

Note: The SPA#  for each student provided to you in Step 3 of the hiring process on the SEO web site needs to be entered in the Comments box of the first page of the "Add Job" process.  

A student should not be allowed to begin working until s/he has completed the Form I-9 and has been properly on-boarded into Workday by the hiring department. This occurs when the student is listed as a Member within the Supervisory Organization.

Below are helpful links that will also assist you and your student workers:

At Brown, the responsibility for oversight and management of the student employment function is a collaborative process between the Student Employment Office (SEO), the Office of Human Resources, and the Payroll Office. The SEO is located within Financial Aid and is responsible for managing information regarding student employment opportunities, supporting students in finding employment, working with managers and acting as the liaison to University business offices. The Office of Human Resources is responsible for maintaining compliance with government and federal regulations including I-9s and the Fair Labor Standards Act. The Payroll Office produces paychecks, W-2s, and manages applicable tax regulations. You are encouraged to contact any of the offices outlined with questions regarding student employment at Brown University. In general, the Student Employment Office should be your primary contact for any questions regarding student employment at Brown University as we will refer you to other appropriate offices, as necessary.

For questions regarding student employment, posting requirements and SPA#s, please email the SEO at [email protected] or call 3-9922.

For questions regarding Creating a Requisition, Add Job, or other Workday specific actions, you may submit a Workday Help Ticket or call 863-WORK.