Brown offers a free listing service to local businesses and individuals who would like to hire currently enrolled Brown University students on a part-time basis. Local retail, office, child care and tutoring positions are some examples of current and past postings. Summer job listings near Providence and around the country are welcome.  

Employers are able to submit job posting information to our office.  All requests are reviewed by the SEO prior to being posted on the web site.   The University reserves the right to edit or reject job postings.  Employers are notified once a position is viewable to students.   Students will contact you directly.  

Brown University and the Student Employment Office is not responsible for quality, integrity, working ability, or other aspects of the off-campus employee. The University does not screen employees who answer job opportunities at the Student Employment Office and, by posting jobs, Brown University and the Student Employment Office does not make any representation as to the quality or integrity of prospective employees. Use of this system shall be entirely at the risk of the users.

It is the responsibility of employers to research the ability and integrity of the employees which they are seeking. Employers are advised to screen all prospective employees through an interview process and to ask for and check past references.

Submit a request to Post an Off-Campus Job.