Welcome to the Student Employment Office (SEO) Website! If you are interested in hiring student workers for your department, the SEO web site will provide you with tools you will need to post jobs, hire students, and manage the payroll and supervisory functions.

Getting started:

Next steps:

  • Read through our Employer Handbook, which details federal regulations, job posting requirements, hiring and payroll processes, as well as tips and guidelines for interviewing, selecting, and supervising your student employee(s). 
  • The minimum student hourly rate on-campus for 2018-19 is $10.60.  Learn more about grade levels and hourly rate requirements and guidelines. 
  • Information on the Student Opportunities Payment Categories (stipend versus hourly) is available here.
  • A student should not be allowed to begin working until s/he has completed the Form I-9 and has been properly on-boarded into Workday by the hiring department. This occurs when the student is listed as a Member within the Supervisory Organization.  
  • Once you have hired a student, view Forms to find the confidentiality agreement and student employee evaluation form.


  • Job Aids and Screencasts are available to assist departments with entering student hire information.
  • Be sure to review the Workday/SPA# requirements information prior to hiring students in the WORKDAY system.  
  • If the job will have undergraduate students serving as Research Assistants, Teaching Assistants, Graders/Proctors or Tutors/Mentors, be sure to select the appropriate Job Profile in Workday.  See the Workday Communications web site for additional details (January 23, 2017 edition).