Minimum Hourly Rate:

The 2018-19 minimum hourly rate for on-campus student jobs is $10.60.

Hourly Rate & Grade Level:

We seek to ensure fair compensation and labor practices for all students employed at Brown University. On-campus jobs are assigned a grade level and corresponding hourly rate by hiring departments. The hourly rate and grade level is based on the degree of responsibility and skills required for a job.

The grade level and associated hourly rate is based on the level of responsibility and skills required to perform the job. Calculation of the grade level is accomplished by utilizing the Grade Level Worksheet. This worksheet is completed on-line as part of the employer job posting process. 

Submitting and Approving Time

Students no longer submit timesheets to their department.  Rather, hours worked are entered by students directly into Workday on a weekly basis for approval by the supervisor via the Student Time Tracking system.

Payroll Calendar:

While hours must be submitted on a weekly basis, students are paid on a bi-weekly basis (every other Friday). Please consult the Payroll Office website for the bi-weekly payroll schedule.