The SEO website provides information about part-time job opportunities – both on and off-campus - for aided and non-aid students.  A work-study award is not required for on-campus employment. You also have access to your unique “Dashboard,” where you can track and manage your job applications and JobMail account. Additional resources are also available, such as interviewing advice, job options, problem resolution, and regulations & guidelines associated with being a student worker at Brown.  

Once you are hired for an on-campus job, the hiring department will on-board you into Workday – Brown’s Human Resources and Payroll system.  You will be required to enter your hours worked into Workday on a weekly basis.  Students are paid by the Payroll Office on a bi-weekly basis.  

The student minimum hourly rate for the 2018-19 academic year is $10.60 per hour.  

Getting Started:

  • Complete your Form I-9.  Securing a position is not prerequisite to complete this important requirement.
  • Signup for JobMail to receive notifications of future job postings.
  • Search for jobs by selecting Find a Job, which will take you to our quick and advanced search tabs, where you can filter your search for on-campus or off-campus positions. 
  • The minimum student hourly rate on-campus for 2018-19 is $10.60.  Learn more about grade levels and hourly rates.
  • Financial Aid Recipients:  Learn about Federal Work-Study and Campus Employment awards. A Federal Work-Study or Campus Employment award is work opportunity - not a requirement.  Aided students are not penalized if they opt not to work.
  • International Students should consult the International Student Employment Checklist.

Next Steps:

  • Read through the Student Handbook for information on Brown's student employment policies and procedures, getting paid, eligibility to work, etc.
  • View the Forms page to find documents you need to complete before you can begin to work.

Getting Paid & Payroll Documents:

  • Submitting Hours:  Hours worked are entered by students directly into Workday on a weekly basis for approval by their supervisor via the Student Time Tracking system.  
  • Students are encouraged to elect Direct Deposit so paychecks can be automatically deposited into your bank account.
  • Copies of Payslips and W-2 Forms are available in Workday.
  • See Section II, b of the Student Handbook for information on completing your W-4 Forms (tax withholding elections).