In order to provide fair and equal access to student employment opportunities across campus, departments are required to post all undergraduate hourly student jobs via the Student Employment Office (SEO) website. Posting student positions in one place allows us to have a job description on file for all student jobs.  Below is an outline of the hiring process within the SEO web site and the Student Posting Authorization (SPA#) requirement. For full details on posting requirements and approved exceptions, please consult the online Employer Handbook. 

Hiring Process Using JobX on the Student Employment Website 

After selecting "Hire a Student":

  • Step 1:  You will need to select the Supervisory Organization into which you will hire the student worker(s).  Select your department from the first drop down menu; the second dropdown menu will filter all Supervisory Orgs showing just your department. If the supervisory organization is not listed, please work with your HR Coordinator.
  • Step 2: A Banner ID for each student is required for this step of the hiring process. Students are asked to provide their Banner ID when they apply for a position. You will also need the hourly rate, estimated hours worked per week (which generally should not exceed 12 hours per week), as well as the start and end date for each student hired. 
  • Step 3:  You will be provided with a Hiring Report which can be printed or downloaded to Excel.  The Hiring Report will have a unique SPA# for each student hired.  You, or another departmental designee, may use the information on this report to enter the student(s) into Workday.  
  • Step 4: In Workday, complete the Create Requisition & Create Position business processes to begin the hiring process for your student. When choosing the job profile, select the appropriate grade and hourly rate for your student worker.

Entering SPA #s into Workday Using Add Job 

Use the Add Job business process to complete the hiring process for your student:

  • Using the Add Job business process, enter the SPA# in the Comments section at the bottom of the first page.  If this information is not provided (and the hire does not meet any of the exception criteria noted in the Employer Handbook), Human Resources will send the process back to your Workfeed to revise. In addition to the SPA#, include the student's Banner ID in this box.
  • For student reactivations, you are not required to post the job and obtain an SPA#.  Instead, you will indicate REACTIVATION in the Comments section and include the Banner ID in the Comments section to ensure the correct student has been selected for this position.

For questions regarding student employment or obtaining SPA#s, please contact the SEO at [email protected] or call 3-9922. For questions regarding Creating a Requisition, Position, or Add Job, you may submit a Help ticket or call 863-WORK. Detailed job aids and screencasts about the business processes are also available on the Workday website under "Employees using Workday" and "Student Worker Managers".