Student Rights and Responsibilities


The Principles of the Brown University Community call upon community members to act with integrity in all facets of University life, including involvement with matters being addressed by the student conduct procedures.  Students and student organizations charged with offenses against the Code of Student Conduct are afforded the following rights in University proceedings:

  1. To be informed in writing of the charge(s) and alleged misconduct.

  2. To not be presumed responsible of any alleged violations unless she/he is so found through the appropriate student conduct hearing.

  3. To have an advisor during a formal investigation, a hearing before the Student Conduct Board, an administrative hearing, or a student organization hearing.  The advisor may be any person of their choice within the University community who is a full time faculty or staff member and is not an attorney.

  4. To have a reasonable length of time to prepare a response to any charges.

  5. To be informed of the evidence upon which a charge is based and accorded an opportunity to offer a relevant response.

  6. To be given an opportunity to articulate relevant concerns and issues, express salient opinions, and offer evidence before the hearing body or officer. (Students have the right to prepare a written statement in matters that may result in separation from the University.)

  7. To be afforded privacy, in accordance with University practices and legal requirements.

  8. To request that a hearing officer or member of a hearing body be disqualified on the grounds of personal bias.

  9. To have a timely determination of the charges.

  10. To appeal a decision.

  11. To refrain from providing information that is self-incriminating.