Meet the Student Ambassadors


Skenda Jean-CharlesSkenda Jean-Charles

Skenda Jean-Charles ’18 concentrates in Public Health, and has a pre-med focus. She is also a Women’s Peer Counselor in the Lower Pembroke region, serves as an Advancement Student Caller, and is a member of Attitude Dance Company. She is extremely excited to be involved on campus as an Ambassador and looks forward to helping her peers navigate through the Student Conduct process!



Alex VidmarAlex Vidmar

Alex Vidmar '18 is an independent concentrator in Western Esoteric Studies, primarily interested in the intersection of religion and science in the early modern "West." Outside of classes, he is a student manager at the IT Service Center and an Independent Concentration Coordinator at the Curricular Resource Center. He loves helping his peers fully engage with the Brown community both within and beyond the curriculum. Alex has served on the Student Conduct Board for the past two years and is fully committed to ensuring the Brown community is one that shows deep respect and appreciation for everyone within it. He is enthusiastic to help anyone with questions about engaging with Brown's conduct processes - please do not hesitate to reach out!

Julia RockJulia RockJulia Rock ’19 is a concentrator in history and political science. She has a particular interest in legal history and political philosophy. Outside of classes, Julia is a Meiklejohn peer advisor, an economics group tutor, and a student representative on the Student Conduct Board. Julia’s activities express her strong desire to serve her peers and the Brown community. She is excited to continue this service by helping students to understand the student conduct process and feel supported as they navigate this process.

Brown LogoBrown Logo

Katerina Tori '18 is concentrating in Cell and Molecular Biology, primarily interested in pursuing a medical degree. Outside of classes, she is involved in Infectious Disease Research, and its intersectionality with cancer disease. She is also a Community Advisor, a Meiklejohn and a Coordinator for the New Scientist Collective. She loves talking to people, and consulting them about different issues related to their Brown undergraduate career. Please feel free to reach out to her if you feel like you need someone to listen to you, who will be partial and tell you what the situation looks like.