Title IX Council

The Title IX Council is comprised of undergraduate, graduate, and medical students, staff, and faculty members. The Council is a pool from which panels of three members will be created. The panel's role is to analyze the investigation report and, if necessary, convene with the investigator and/or parties to determine whether there is sufficient information to support a finding of responsibility for various alleged policy violations. If there is a policy violation, the panel will also determine an appropriate sanction.

The Chair of the Council presides over the hearings as a non-voting member. The Chair is responsible for the administration of the hearing process in every case, including procedural matters and decisions leading up to the hearing, determinations about information that will be considered or not, appropriate and inappropriate lines of questioning, and the overall decorum and conduct of the proceedings.

The Title IX Council and hearing officers receive annual training on identifying and mitigating implicit and explicit bias, applying the preponderance of evidence standard, relevance, appropriate lines of questioning, and understanding key concepts such as consent, incapacitation, and hostile environment.