Parking Ban Information


The University strongly recommends that employees use public transportation during any weather conditions which may increase driving risks, particularly snowy or icy roads.

When a City of Providence parking ban is in effect, an employee who is not registered for parking in an official University lot may seek off-street parking in designated areas, on a space available basis. These areas include either Lot 2 near the Nelson Fitness Center, located on Hope Street, or Lot 88, adjacent to the Brown Stadium on Elmgrove Ave.  If  you are a North or South leased street parking patron and are not essential staff  you are not allowed to park in any lot on campus during a parking pan. Please use Lot 2 or the Brown Football Stadium as alternate parking.

Space is limited and unpredictable factors such as weather conditions and the total number of employees desiring off-street parking make it impossible to guarantee parking availability.

Please note that if a gate arm is left open, this does NOT mean the lot is open to anyone other than assigned parking patrons. The Transportation Office will lift gate arms due to icy or cold weather condtions or equipment mechanics. Parking policies will be strictly enforced.