Special Morning Service from Kennedy Plaza

In order to alleviate the difficulty of getting from Kennedy Plaza to Brown for a timely morning arrival, a short trip from Kennedy Plaza to the top of the tunnel at Thayer Street will leave Kennedy Plaza Stop M beginning September 15, 2008 each weekday at 8:10am. 

This trip will be the extension of the 7:15am inbound 66 trip originating at the Wakefield Mall. Accordingly passengers boarding at the following locations at the following times will now have direct service to Brown arriving at 8:15am.

Wakefield Mall 7:15 am
Tower Hill Park and Ride 7:24 am
Fiddlesticks Park and Ride 7:35 am
Rtes 2 & 4 Park and Ride 7:39 am
Kennedy Plaza, Stop M 8:10 am
Arrive Brown U 8:15 am