2019 Campus Life Staff Excellence Awards Recipients

Renata Mauriz (Program Coordinator, U-Fli Center)

Emerging Contributor Award (Rising Star):The Emerging Contributor Award will be presented to an individual who has worked at Brown for less than three years and has exhibited exemplary performance that shows promise of future growth. This individual goes above and beyond what their work calls for and exemplifies dedication to the community, division, and university. This award recognizes the energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, and innovative ideas a new employee may bring to the workplace.

Kristie Sullivan (Assistant Director for Operations and Administration, Health Services) &
Diane Chouinard (Financial Manager, Student Activities)

Excellence Award for Mentorship: The Excellence Award for Mentorship will be presented to an individual who has demonstrated excellence in mentorship with a commitment to serving as a role model to others, promoting  holistic mentoring practices, lending informed advice, and providing navigational tools to thrive at Brown. This individual serves as a role model by inspiring confidence, respect and long term professional development among colleagues. At the foundation of this award is the ability to recognize, reward and foster greater individual contributions and/or greater team cooperation to achieve higher levels of performance.

Erin Lane-Aaronian (Psychotherapist and Outreach Coordinator, Counseling & Psychological Services &
Jorge A. Vargas (Psychotherapist, Counseling & Psychological Services)

Excellence in Collaboration Award: The Excellence in Collaboration Award will be presented to an individual or team who have fostered cooperation, collaboration and open communication across two or more departments/offices/centers within the division of campus life. These individuals or teams may have collaborated and worked together on a project, a significant effort or an initiative that advances the strategic priorities of the division of campus life (building inclusive community, the residential experience, health and wellness, and operational excellence).

Amy Sanderson (Director of Emergency Management for Health and Wellness, Health Services)

Excellence in Community Building Award: The Excellence in Community Building Award will be awarded to an individual or team who have created extensive opportunities for students or staff to build community and make connections through their programs, policies and spaces. These efforts should honor the lived experiences of various populations and reflect Campus Life's mission to foster a sense of belonging and build relationships across differences.

Kimberly P. Millette (Program Director, The Office of Military-Affiliated Students)

Student Impact Award: The Student Impact Award will be presented to an individual or team who has enhanced the quality of life of students and had a positive impact on their continued success at Brown. They may have taken ownership of key concerns and needs, acted on opportunities, solved problems,  or brought people and resources together to make processes more efficient for students and /or the division; created or implemented tools and systems that dramatically improved a process or provided a more accessible service for students.