Advising & Support

Where to Start?

There are many people and offices at Brown to advise and support you as an undergraduate, graduate or medical student. The hardest part may be in knowing which of those many resources best matches your need. If you start in one place and it turns out that your best support will come from a different office, we will be happy to direct you and connect you to someone else. Use the Quick Reference listing below as a guide to available resources.

How to Help a Friend in Distress

Are you worried about a Brown student? Do you need consultation about a difficult and urgent situation? Not sure what to do, where to turn, or who can help?  Check out Brown's How to Help a Friend in Distress site -- designed for students, faculty, staff, and family members to connect with Brown's resources and advice on steps to take. You may also contact the Student Support Services deans.

Deans & Administrators

Deans are available to help you with issues and decisions related to your academics and your personal and community life at Brown. 

Non-academic issues      Student Support Deans   (401) 863-3145
Support for undergraduate, graduate and medical students.
For assistance with emergencies and crises at night, on weekends, or during University Breaks, see Emergency Contacts.

Academic issues
Undergraduates          Dean of the College   (401) 863-9800
Graduate students      Dean of the Graduate School   (401) 863-2600 
Medical students        Dean of Medicine    (401) 863-3330

Quick Reference

Topic links, in the left column, will show you more information. Resource links, on the right, will take you to the website of the office or program listed.  For undergraduates in the residence halls, residential peer leaders (RPLs) are a great first resource: RPLs are trained to listen and refer to campus resources. 

Topic Resources
Academic Advising
Academic Code and Discipline
Academic Standing
Accessibility (Disability) Services
Alcohol and Other Drugs
Careers and Internships
Crises and Emergencies See Emergency contact numbers
Gender and Sexuality
Grief Support
International Student Resources
Leave Taking
Legal Advice
LGBTQ Support
Mental Health, Counseling, Stress Management
Notary Public
Public Service and Service Learning
Religious Life & Spirituality
Roommate concerns or issues, undergraduates in residence halls
ROTC, Commissioning Programs
Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence
Sexual Harassment
Student Activities and Groups
Student Conduct Code and Non-Academic Discipline
Study Abroad or Away in the U.S.
Tutoring and other academic success support
Veterans Support
Writing Support