Student Support Services

Graduate Center E 42 Charlesfield St., 4th Floor Providence, RI 02912

(401) 863-3145 (Dean of the Day, business hours)
(401) 863-4111 (Administrator-on-Call, evenings and weekends)

Student Support Services (SSS) is available to assist students who may be managing health or personal circumstances which are impacting their time at Brown. The Student Support deans provide a sounding board for students to discuss their situation, help connect students to the right set of resources for their needs, and help to develop a plan to assist students in managing whatever challenges they may be facing. SSS has a dean of the day available to respond to urgent student needs and/or is available by appointment. They also support an administrator-on-call system where students can connect with resources in an urgent situation after hours and on the weekends. The Graduate and Medical Schools also have specific resources to help their respective students navigate such concerns and can help to address the specific and unique needs of those student populations. Graduate students may want to be in touch with Associate Dean for Student Support in the Graduate School. Medical students may wish to contact the student affairs team within the Alpert Medical School for support.