Undergraduate students

48 residence halls. 4,800 beds. 1.8 million square feet of space. All information about campus housing may be found on the Residential Life website.

On campus: Brown guarantees housing for any undergraduate who wishes to live on campus. Undergraduate students are required to live in on-campus housing through semester 6. Exceptions may be made for enrolled undergrads who are married, RUE students, or local students living with their parent(s).

Housing and roommate concerns: If you have concerns about your housing, roommate(s), or residential community, you can start by talking with your residential peer leaders (CA, RC, MPC, or WPC).  You may also meet with the Community Director (CD) assigned to your area of campus. The CD is a professional staff member who lives in the residence halls and has a daytime office in Residential Life (Grad Center E); check the Residential Life website for the name and phone number of the CD for your area of campus or call ResLife at (401) 863-3500.

If something is broken in the residence hall: You can submit a service request using the Facilities Management online request system or call the Facilities Management Service Response (863-7800) line, available 24-hours.

Off campus: If, as an undergraduate student, you wish to live off campus, you must apply for and receive off-campus permission through Residential Life. Currently approximately 20% of undergraduates live off campus.  Approximately 70-80% of seniors live off campus in a given year.  A small number of juniors (perhaps 10% of the class) receive permission to live off campus based on the numbers of students and housing available in each year.

Applying for off-campus permission does not guarantee that you will receive it. The off-campus permission process begins in September for the following year's housing. Each fall when off-campus permission applications become available, Residential Life sends email to all students who will be semester 5 or above in the next academic year. DON'T miss the deadline, and DON'T sign a lease until after you receive written permission from ResLife. Please read the off-campus information on the Residential Life website.

Off-campus rentals: The Off-Campus Living section of the Residential Life website provides important information about choosing an apartment, signing a lease, renter's insurance, tenant and landlord responsibilities, etc. The Office of Auxiliary Housing leases approximately 100 residential apartments located on the University campus to approximately 175 graduate and undergraduate students; between 30 and 50 apartments/houses become available each year.  Another source of rental information is the Off-Campus Housing Service, through which landlords in the Greater Providence area interested in renting to Brown University faculty, staff, and students advertise their apartments or houses.

Graduate and Medical students

Information about graduate and medical student housing options is available on the Residential Life website. Although most graduate and medical students reside off campus in privately-owned apartments, a small number will seek housing through Brown University in Brown-owned off-campus apartments; Brown-owned off-campus housing is available to first-year graduate and medical students and is overseen by the Office of Auxiliary Housing. The Off-Campus Housing Service also contains information about available properties posted by landlords in the Greater Providence area interested in renting to Brown University faculty, staff, and students advertise their apartments or houses.