The Institute for Transformative Practice


Through a coalition of 7 Centers and Programs (7CPs), develop communally minded future thinkers and leaders who can envision, create, and enact new and better worlds.


The Institute for Transformative Practice (ITP) is a coalition of seven student focused centers and programs committed to developing community focused future thinkers and leaders that can bring about transformative practices for the betterment of society. We are a praxis focused space dedicated to working with students, staff, and faculty through an intersectional equity asset based approach. This means we center the margins by embracing, valuing, and building upon the lived experiences and knowledges students, staff, and faculty bring with them in these educational spaces. We are grounded in a shared understanding of collaboration, cooperation, and coalition that drives  our foundational principles which we enact in three key areas.

Our Foundation (3Cs)

Collaboration: When we do the work. People working equitably across the centers and programs to define and enact a common vision.

Cooperation: How we do the work. Work is accomplished through mutual respect, compassion, love, empathy, and truth telling.

Coalition: Why we do the work. We work together understanding the collective is more important than the individual.

Guiding Principles:

  1. Intersectional Cross-talk - We want students, staff and faculty to be able to use an intersectional lens in order to have different ways of knowing and being in conversation with one another as a way to (re)image what humanity is, should, and can be.
  2. Coalesce - We help bring people and communities together around the table to coalition build as a means of liberating ourselves and each other for the betterment of humanity.
  3. Space Making - We help create places within the university that honors the identities and experiences of various populations so that everyone cans see themselves belonging here.
  4. Thrive - We want everyone (especially people at the margins) to thrive in spaces historically and traditionally not meant for us/them. When we take care of the margins, everyone is taken care of.

Our Work (3Ps): 

  1. Programming:  
  2. Praxis
  3. Professional Growth

The Institute for Transformative Practice will launch in March 2019 at the ITP/CHAS Symposium "Truth Telling and Possibility Making: Towards Transformative and Sustainable Futures in Higher Education"

Contact us at [email protected] OR Executive Director, Dr. Nicole Truesdell