Welcome to the Wellness Residential Experience at Sternlicht Commons!

We invite students to apply for an immersive living-learning experience designed for students who are committed to or interested in developing and sustaining holistic, integrative wellbeing practices in community with one another. 

By co-locating a residence hall (Sternlicht Commons) with the University’s Health & Wellness departments, Brown is creating a vibrant environment for students. Together, the Health and Wellness departments and Sternlight Commons will serve as an innovative site for peer education, community building, collaboration, and outreach in ways that benefit the entire campus.

We are seeking students eager to share their gifts and practices with peers through organic but focused programming to apply to be residents of Sternlicht Commons. Residents will design and implement programming in conjunction with BWell Health Promotion and Residential Education staff. Students who live within this vibrant residential unit will engage in meaningful connections that lead to holistic wellbeing practices, and endeavor to spread knowledge of these practices amongst the greater Brown community. You can visit the Wellness Residential Experience at Sternlicht Commons webpage for more information. 

If you have any questions please contact [email protected]