FAQs (Wellness Residential Experience at Sternlicht Commons)

  1. Who can apply to live at Sternlicht Commons? 
    Rising sophomores, juniors and seniors are eligible to apply. Seniors who may have missed the senior process can apply with the rising sophomores and juniors going through general selection and will be assigned once the general selection process has concluded based on availability.

  2. Are there other requirements to qualify for/ live in the residence?
    Yes. Through the application process and as a resident of Sternlicht Commons, students must demonstrate a commitment to developing and sustaining holistic, integrative wellbeing practices in community with others. Students may not live within this community for more than 1 Academic Year, allowing an opportunity for a greater number of students to participate. The goal is to understand that wellbeing can be achieved without having to live within the building and you can take what you learned and experienced with you to a different residential community. Students who have been waitlisted for the Wellness Residence Experience will need to reapply for the following Academic Year, waitlist only applies to the current year of the application submission.

  3. What is the room configuration of Sternlicht Commons?
    The residence hall has two distinct residential areas. In one part of the residence there are three floors, each with 38 singles, ten single-use bathrooms, three common areas, and three shared kitchens. In the other part of the residence there are three floors each with four four-person suites with en suite kitchens and bathrooms. Suites are 4 single rooms. 

  4. What is the process to be assigned to live at Sternlicht Commons?  
    To be assigned to Sternlicht Commons, students must apply and be selected. Students can apply either as an individual (to live in a single) or as part of a four-person group (to live in a suite).

  5. What is the application process for a person wanting to live in a single?
    Each student interested in living at Sternlicht Commons must submit an application that describes how they practice wellbeing in their life and would share these practices in community with others as part of this program.  

  6. What is the application process for four-person groups wanting to live together in a suite?  
    Students applying to live together in a suite must each apply separately, describing how they practice wellbeing in their life and would share these practices in community with others. The application must provide the names of their three desired suitemates. Only four-person groups will be considered for placement in the suites. All four applicants are considered together all must be selected in order to be assigned to a suite at Sternlicht Commons. 

  7. Can I apply for both a single and a suite to keep my options open?
    Yes, when you complete your application for a suite, you will have an opportunity to indicate if you are interested in being assigned to a single if your four-person group is not accepted as a suite. Individuals applying for both singles and suites will be able to accept or decline a placement in Sternlicht Commons after being notified, but they must do so by Super Deadline Day. 

  8. How will assignments within Sternlicht Commons be made?
    Students who are accepted, and confirm their placement at Sternlicht Commons by Super Deadline day will be able to form groups (neighbors/friend proximity for singles). Groups can only consist of other students who have been accepted and confirmed their spot at Sternlicht Commons. 

  9. Will there be a waitlist for students who are interested but do not get in? How will it work?
    Students who apply but are not selected in the first round will be kept on an interest list.  In the event that selected students decline their placement, students on the interest list will be offered the option to fill that vacancy.

  10. Will Sternlicht Commons have a substance free area?
    ​On their application students can indicate an interest in being assigned to a substance free area within Sternlicht Commons. Availability will be based on the number of students who indicate interest in this option. Interest in substance free living is not factored into the selection process.