Dining Services Initiative

September 1, 2016

As part of the University’s dining services initiative launched earlier this year to enhance food offerings across campus, improve pricing and service, and support the professional development of Brown’s dining staff, Dining Services has selected Bon Appétit Management Company to partner in the effort.

A nationally recognized on-site restaurant company that specializes in sustainable, socially responsible food management, Bon Appétit will provide guidance and expertise to assist Brown’s dining staff in strengthening campus food services.

“Bon Appétit is an ideal partner for Brown Dining Services,” said Peter Rossi, director of Dining Services at Brown. “The company’s philosophy, use of sustainable, fresh ingredients and scratch-cooking pair well with the initiatives and certifications we have worked to establish on campus. We are excited about our new partnership and look forward to working together to enhance our program and customer experience.”

The partnership follows a selection process that began last spring with discussion among staff from Dining Services, Campus Life and other departments along with presentations to the Undergraduate Council of Students and the Brown University Community Council. Beginning in May, a team of students and staff reviewed proposals from multiple vendors.

Brown senior and committee member Christian Hanson said that group’s focus in evaluating the proposals centered on student opinion toward current dining selection and how to improve that service in an inclusive, healthy and sustainable way. Hanson’s role, he said, was to advocate for a dining partner that would best serve current and future students — and Bon Appétit left him impressed for multiple reasons.

“First, Bon Appétit recognized that taste is the foundation of great dining service,” Hanson said. “They demonstrated a great attention to detail regarding the selection, sourcing and preparation of ingredients. Second, Bon Appétit placed a strong emphasis on ‘partnership.’ They didn’t come with a strict formula for improvement, but rather sought to understand what makes Brown dining unique, and what changes will really make our students excited about on-campus dining.”

This semester, Brown Dining expects to introduce new menu items that put a premium on choice while also maximizing nutrition, sustainability and flavor. In addition to menu changes, students can expect aesthetic upgrades as well. Most notably, serving stations in the Sharpe Refectory’s main dining room have been enhanced.

Additionally, Brown Dining has introduced a revamped website that features schedules of all campus dining locations along with daily menus, nutritional guides and events. 

“We are delighted to welcome Bon Appétit to our campus, and we look forward to serving the Brown community together,” Rossi said.

Dining Services welcomes ideas and feedback and the on-campus dining experience at dining@brown.edu.



Read the information on the Dining Services website.