Staff Spotlight: Dr. Jesús Remigio

Name something about you most people don't know: My life’s journey has been an interesting one, thus far. Though not always filled with happy times, everything experienced has in some way, shape, or form made me the man that I am today. Although born and raised for some years on the beautiful island known as Dominican Republic, I later moved at the age of 7 to Rhode Island. I was born a proud Deaf Hispanic to an amazing, single Spanish-speaking mother. My late grandmother was also a major influence in my upbringing and I miss her dearly. She’s still with me today in mind, and often I recall her encouragement, kindness, and support of my life. She always motivated me to take initiative and be assertive and kind, despite the negativity and prejudice often seen in the world.  An extremely proud and memorable moment for me and my family was when I became the first person in my family to receive a doctorate degree.

I have seen and experienced much oppression and discrimination over the years due to my “disability” of not being able to hear. Although at times emotionally sabotaging, I continued then and will continue now to rise and be the best that I know is possible. Having such an outlook helps me better understand the importance of providing service and support to students at Brown University. By helping them see their worth and their ability to thrive, it is my hope that they will see that the journey ahead is not daunting, but even more so, exciting and thrilling with endless possibilities.

Describe briefly what you do and how long have you been at Brown: My specific role at Brown University is Associate Director of Student Accessibility Services. Part of what I do is to help oversee the budget, support the Director in managing staff as collaborate with staff in other areas of our department. Another very important aspect of my position is to engage with students and the community in order to help students to get the most of every opportunity while they focus on their studies. Accessibility, equity, and inclusivity are three major areas that will lead my work. By working collaboratively alongside the Director, staff, students and members of the faculty I look forward to further developing short and long term goals that align with ADA regulations and the strategic priorities of the division of Campus Life .

Fun fact: I can always be seen wearing various bowties. I also love sporting Five Fingers shoes. You may notice them sometime soon!

Jesús M. Rēmigiō, MBA, PsyD 

Phone: 401-519-4545 (videophone)