News Archive from February, 2020

Staff Spotlight: Alana Sacks

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Search Update: Associate University Chaplain for the Muslim Community

It with great pleasure and excitement that I write to share the good news that Imam Dr. Amir Toft  accepted our invitation to join the Office of the Chaplains and Religious Life as Associate Chaplain for the Muslim community effective July 1, 2020. I am deeply indebted to everyone who assisted in the process and most especially to all of the members of the search committee for their extraordinary service and patience with a long but rewarding process.      

These Students Are Bringing Transformative Justice to Their Campus

A first in the country and built from the ground up by students, Brown University’s Transformative Justice Program addresses harm on campus without relying on the punitive legal system.

BCSC Director Search Update #2

We are pleased to announce the full search committee for the BCSC Director search.  We want to thank all those who helped nominate students and students who self-nominated through a range of access points. Because we received a significant number of strong nominations, our desire to be as representative as possible on a search committee with limited membership, and recently expressed desire for there to be alumni on the committee, we have decided to expand the committee slightly from 8 to 10 members.  This enabled us to include three alumni with connections to the BCSC (two more recent graduates - one staff from the class of ’12, one student - now graduate student - from the class of ’19, and a staff member who was a graduate student here earning her Ph.D.).

Staff Spotlight: Jorge Vargas

Read more about Campus Life staff featured in the Staff Spotlight section of the Campus Life weekly newsletter

BCSC Director Search: Call for student nominations

The BCSC is an important resource for the Brown community especially students and thus we feel it is important for students to hold the majority constituency of the eight-member committee, with a compositional makeup of three undergraduate students and one graduate student.

BCSC Director Search

We are writing to share with you that we are beginning a new search for the next Director of the Brown Center for Students of Color (BCSC). The BCSC is an important resource for the community, especially students at Brown and beyond campus, and thus we feel it is important to inform various constituencies of the start of this search. We are pleased to share this news and look forward to working with you throughout the semester during this process.