Staff Spotlight: Kia McNeill

Describe briefly what you do and how long have you been at Brown.
I am the Head Women's Soccer Coach here at Brown.  I have been coaching here for just over four years now.  Prior to coming to Brown, I was the assistant coach at Northeastern University for two years, and Boston College for six years (which is also my alma mater).

What professional accomplishment are you most proud of?
This past fall season, my team won the Ivy League Championship for Women's Soccer and also went to the 2nd Round of the NCAA Tournament.  This was a huge honor because the program had not won the Ivy League or been to postseason since 1994, and this was a goal that my staff and I had set out to accomplish 4 years ago when I started here.  To see our plan come to fruition, and all the hard work from both my staff and the players pay off was extremely rewarding.  This accomplishment was also meaningful because I felt like it really brought the campus together and gave everyone something to celebrate. Not only within the athletic department, but across campus too.  It was great hearing from professors, faculty, and various undergraduate students that had taken some pride in our victory as well.

Name something about you most people don't know.
Something many people don't know about me is that I am a twin.  I have a twin brother who is currently living in Italy pursuing his career in acting (theater), and film production.  The two of us are very close and always have been growing up.  Despite being a twin, I am still the youngest in my family - by 58 seconds :)

If you weren't doing this job, what would you be doing?
If I wasn't coaching, I would probably still be playing professional soccer.  I played professionally for 6 years prior to becoming a coach fulltime and I loved the competition, travel, and the friendships I made over the years. It is fun to see some of my friends still playing, and now I am even seeing some of my former players playing too which is great.  If my body wouldn't let me play anymore, I would look to be a General Manager of one of the women's professional teams and help grow the women's game.