Keyana Parks & Orchid Tierney (Kenyon College) discuss RADICAL HOPE

With the support of a Consortium on High Achievement and Success (CHAS) faculty grant, Professors Keyana Parks and Orchid Tierney, of Kenyon College, are hosting a reading workshop on Dr. Kevin Gannon’s new book, Radical Hope: a teaching manifesto (WVU Press, 2020). Professor Gannon, who helped organize the #ScholarStrike earlier this semester with Dr. Anthea Butler, revisits the work of eminent Brazilian educator and theorist Paulo Freire to contemplate how hope can be a critical part of one’s teaching praxis, of “reflection and action aimed at the structures to be transformed.”

The workshop is designed to think through how we can institute a pedagogy of “radical hope” in our classrooms, to foster critical thinking around systemic oppression and questions of diversity. How do we teach “hope” in ways that produce not only reflection, but also action in the face of dire social, political, and cultural circumstances?

Participants will meet twice to discuss the text. The first meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 17, to discuss the Introduction and first chapter, “Classrooms of Death,” and to set expectations for reading and changes participants hope to institute in their own classrooms as a result of this workshop. A second meeting will be held in the spring, after all participants have all had a chance to read the text over the holiday break. A virtual talk with Dr. Gannon is also planned for the spring.

To join this necessary and timely discussion of an actionable pedagogy of hope, please fill out the following Google form to indicate your interest and availability: