Staff Spotlight: Deborah Nagle

Describe briefly what you do and how long have you been at Brown.
In May, I will have been at Brown for 30 years and am currently the Applications Manager for Health and Wellness. In that role, I administer our EHR application, Medicat, which is used by all of Health and Wellness, Athletic Training and HR. I also manage most of the software, interfaces, hardware used in the department and am a liaison with CIS for our needs. 

What work projects excite you?
I like taking a new project from beginning to end  -  for me, it's like finding and putting together all the pieces of a puzzle! 

Name something about you most people don't know
I have raced on sailboats for over 25 years. 

If you weren't doing this job, what would you be doing?
Doing work with stained glass, gardening, puzzles and all of my other hobbies that I love!