For Parents and Families of Brown Students

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More than many other colleges and universities, Brown builds its relationships with undergraduates on the premise that students are capable young adults, who can and should make their own decisions. Students admitted to Brown have demonstrated a high level of maturity and the ability to take initiative. These are the qualities best suited to the challenge of making important academic choices, something Brown students are called upon to do from their very first semester

The open character of the Brown curriculum is designed to be responsive to a student's individual interests. For the curriculum to work, the University presumes that students will make an effort to articulate those interests to faculty advisors, deans, and administrators.

If Brown's distinctive academic philosophy predisposes University officers and faculty to interact with students as responsible adults, we also understand that parental involvement in students' education is important. University deans and administrators facilitate this involvement in students' first two years of study at Brown by writing to parents at key times and suggesting how parents might help their students take full advantage of Brown’s open learning environment. In addition to the information on this page, the website for Parents and Families of Brown Students will help you to learn more about Brown's approach to liberal learning and the many services we provide to students.