Akash Altman

Campus Life Fellow & Special Assistant to the Vice President for Campus Life
20 Benevolent Street, Room 308


Graduating in the Brown University Class of 2020 with an A.B. in Engineering, Akash is a strong leader and has extensive experience in community building, leadership development, vision building, relationship management, and social justice. In the past few years, Akash served as a Student Coordinator of the Leadership Development Initiative, Minority Peer Counselor, and Senior Vice President of the South Asian Students Association in his time as a student here at Brown. With this deep involvement and investment in the University community, Akash has developed a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience advancing the needs of students through collaborative dialogue with an emphasis on empathy, equity, and sustainability.

As this year’s Fellow, Akash will generate programs that support Brown undergraduate students in building virtual and remote community and on campus with a particular focus on leadership development and student engagement; advise the division leadership on current student experience and needs; and support the division by completing delegated special projects. The position will provide student-centered perspectives and leadership to critical community and student-centered programs, including the Leadership Development Initiative, Campus Life Student Advisory Board, and others as assigned. Additionally, Akash will collaborate with staff in the cultural and identity centers and student-centered programs and initiatives. Helping the team maintain a strong connection and interactive relevance to student culture and needs during a period of time when connections with students on campus, in Providence, and beyond have never been more important. Akash believes in the importance of the inclusion of student voice in our work and cares deeply about the holistic student experience.