Sexual Assault, Harassment, Relationship Violence

Brown University takes issues of discrimination, harassment, sexual assault and abuse very seriously and has developed comprehensive services and policies to provide support for students and to keep the University community safe.


There are a number of resources available to undergraduate, graduate, and medical students at Brown -- some are available 24/7. Resources may be "confidential" or "not confidential" according to law.

  • "Confidential" means information given a resource will not be reported, with some exceptions when there is risk of imminent harm. 
  • "Not-confidential" means information given to a resource will be kept private but that resource is required by law to report  knowledge of incidents or violations to the Title IX Office. 

Please check the list of resources on the Title IX Office website.

Policy, Reporting, Resolution Process

University policy, and information about reporting and resolution processes is available on the Sexual Misconduct and Title IX website.

Sexual Harassment / Discrimination

Title IX prohibits discrimination based on sex in education programs and activities receiving Federal financial assistance. Brown University has designated officials to serve as the University’s Title IX Coordinators, responsible for monitoring University practices and procedures relating to Brown University’s compliance with Title IX. 

The Title IX Program Officer and individuals listed as Deputy Title IX Coordinators are available to answer any questions related to the Policy, Complaint Process, available resource and reporting options, and remedial and safety measures.