Brown's Excellence Awards

Every year University Human Resources runs the Excellence Awards. The Excellence Awards is a competitive program that celebrates a small group of individuals and teams each year for their exceptional contributions to Brown University and the local community in one of eight categories. Over the years, various Campus Life staff members have been chosen to recieve awards in multiple categories.  


  • Kristoffer Tangen (ResLife): Rising Star
  • Stephanie Norris (ResLife): Rising Star
  • Natalia Román Alicea & Andrew Heald (GBC): Citizenship    
  • Renata Mauriz & Julio Reyes (U-FLi): Service


  • Susan Vieira (Residential Life): Diversity & Inclusion 


  • Andrew Heald (GBC): Service 
  • Renata Mauriz (U-FLi): Service 
  • Julio Reyes (U-FLi): Service 
  • Nicholas Greene (Residential Life): Rising Star 
  • Dara Bayer (Community Dialogue): Diversity & Inclusion
  • Christine Benvie (Health & Wellness): Service
  • Amy Sanderson (Health & Wellness): Service
  • Tanya Sullivan (Health & Wellness): Service
  • Heather Vacher (Health & Wellness): Service


  • Je-Shawna Wholley (LGBTQ Center): Diversity


  • Joshua Segui (BCSC): Leadership


  • Erin Karalekas (SAS): Diversity 
  • Stephanie Davies (SAS): Diversity
  • Jonathan Corey (SAS): Diversity
  • Karol Gaitan (CAPS): Diversity
  • Allyson Brathwaite Gardner (CAPS): Diversity
  • Marc Peters: Innovation