Campus Life Fellowship


Soyoon Kim, Program Coordinator at the Global Brown Center for International Students

Soyoon Kim will be joining the Global Brown Center for International Students as the program coordinator through the Campus Life Fellow Program, after graduating from Brown in May with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Education Studies. In this new role, Soyoon will work to design a First-Year and Sophomore Experience Series for international students focused on community-building, navigating campus resources, and identity development. In addition, she will also collaborate with campus stakeholders within the Division of Campus Life and Global Brown to develop asset-based, intersectional programs in order to cultivate a campus environment that is inclusive of international student communities. These programs will promote cross-center collaboration and will support the work of the Institute for Transformative Practice (ITP). 

During her time at Brown, Soyoon has been engaged with the Center in various capacities throughout the past two years, both as a two-time International Mentoring Program (IMP) Mentor and as an active leader of internationally-focused student organizations. She's also worked with the Sarah Doyle Center for Women and Gender and the Brown Center for Students of Color as co-coordinator for Brown Asian Sisters Empowered (BASE) and as former managing-editor of VISIONS Magazine. Her senior thesis focuses on lessons learned from undergraduate experience on navigating institutionalization of Diversity and Inclusion within Higher Education. In recognition for her contributions to the campus community, Soyoon received the Alfred H. Joslin Award in 2019.  



Renata Mauriz​, Student Success Program Coordinator at the First-Generation College and Low-Income Student (FLi) Center

Renata Mauriz `17.5 will be joining the First-Generation College and Low-Income Student (FLi) Center from 2018-2019 as the student success program coordinator through the Campus Life Fellow Program.  In this new role, Renata will aid in developing comprehensive programs that provide navigational, social, and academic support to undocumented, first-generation college, and low-income students at Brown University. Specifically, Renata will collaborate with campus stakeholders to create an equity asset-based transition program for FLi students and coordinate educational programming that enhances the support offered through the Center’s Undocumented Student Initiative. 

During her time at Brown, Renata advocated alongside other students and administrators to change institutional policies and practices that previously created barriers for undocumented students. Renata cultivated her collaborative and transformative approach to institutional change during the time she served as a community organizer at the Wind of the Spirit Immigrant Resource Center and policy intern for the National Immigration Law Center.  These professional opportunities, coupled with her personal experiences, led to her engagement with the Brown Center for Students of Color, as well as the FLi Center. In recognition for her contributions to the campus community, Renata received the Alfred H. Joslin Award in 2017.  




Molly Sandstrom, Peer Education Specialist at BWell Health Promotion

Molly worked to design and build HEALTHy Athletes, a curriculum-based, peer education program designed specifically for student-athletes. With 40 varsity athlete peer educators, the program represents a dozen teams across men’s and women’s programs at Brown. The mission of the program is to support healthier athletes, teams, and campus through improved team dynamics, leadership development, and peer advocacy. 

The program recognizes and builds upon pre-existing support systems by providing new information and skills, as well as professional guidance. Molly worked with peer educators to prepare them to plan, schedule, and lead workshops with their teams. With the development of a new curriculum (informed by student-athletes and tailored specifically to their needs), a strong rate of return on recruitment efforts and high program satisfaction reflected in participant feedback, the program is well positioned to continue serving the Brown community in years to come