Staff Climate Survey Focus Groups

In February 2019, in conjunction with Brown University's Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan, staff in Campus Life participated in the institution wide climate survey. This survey was designed to help us better understand how members of our division are experiencing Brown. In an effort to remain transparent and meet the needs of staff in the division, the Office of the VP for Campus Life shared the climate survey data from it's 17 departments (Athletics is doing work separately on its data) in an open and welcoming format at a working breakfast on Friday, November 22, 2019.

Staff in Campus Life have the opportunity to give feedback on the topics that are important to them and would like discussed at the upcoming focus groups in December and through spring semester. The main goal of the focus group discussions is to give everyone a chance to share their experience working at Brown and in particular Campus Life. It is important that we go beyond the results of the survey and conduct more information and story gathering in order to best support members of our division. The focus group discussions will be led by Jennifer Hunter in Graduate Center E, 2nd floor multipurpose room. Lunch will be provided. ​

Please note that registration to these focus groups is not required. 

January Registration 
Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 12:00pm

February Registration
Monday, February 3rd (Led by Dara Bayer)
Tuesday, February 11th​ (Led by Marc Peters)
Wednesday, February 19th​
Thursday, February 27th​

March Registration
Monday, March 2nd (Led by Dara Bayer)
Tuesday, March 17th​
Wednesday March 25th​
Thursday, March 26th​ (Led by Marc Peters)