Women's Leadership Council Chairs and Committees


Laya Khadjavi '84
Sandee Ting Simshauser '84, P'18, P'20, P'21 

Executive Committee:

Brown's Women's Leadership Council is governed by an Executive Committee consisting of the Council Co-Chairs and Committee Co-Chairs.

Susan A. Buffum CFA '74
Andra Greene Ellingson '78
Resa E. Lewiss M.D. '92
Aleta Margolis '89, P'20
Gladys Mendez '94
Stacy E. Palmer '82
Marcy A. Sandler '86, P'15, P'18
Caitie Whelan '07.5
Dana G. Zucker '90, P'21
Lauren J. Zucker '91 

Council Chairs Emeritae: 

Genine Macks Fidler '77, P'04, P'12
Shelley Fidler '68, P'09
Susan Pilch Friedman '77, P'08
Nancy Fuld Neff '76, P'06, P'14
Liz Munves Sherman '77, P'06, P'09

Communications Committee:

The Communications Committee maintains comprehensive communications utilizing effective strategies and efficient technologies for internal communications among Council members, and external communications with the Brown alumnae community-at-large.

Co-Chairs:  Aleta Margolis '89, P'20 and Marcy A. Sandler '86, P'15, P'18 

Membership Committee:

The Membership Committee works to define membership categories and recommend policies, procedures and strategies that will both enhance and retain council membership, the end result being a growing and vital membership organization.

Co-Chairs: Resa E. Lewis M.D. '92 and Lauren J. Zucker '91 

Mentoring Committee:

The Mentoring Committee seeks to support the mission of the Women's Launch Pad: to facilitate mentoring relationships for Brown women as they transition to the post-collegiate world. The Mentoring Committee also seeks to foster a broader Women's Launch Pad community that includes all current and former mentors and mentees.

Co-Chairs: Andra Greene Ellingson '78 and Gladys Mendez '94

Philanthropy Committee:

The Philanthropy Committe supports the Council's overall engagement strategy and mission by formally recognizing philanthropy as a key activity for both WLC members and the Brown community at-large in an effort to strengthen relationships with the University.

Co-Chairs: Susan A. Buffum CFA '74 and Stacy E. Palmer '82

Programming Committee: 

The Programming Committee works to foster Brown alumnae connections by developing programs for engagement and networking at the regional/local level among Council members and with alumnae. The committee is responsible for implementing standards and metrics that will provide guidance and facilitate the generation of Women's Leadership Council supported events.

Co-Chairs: Caitie Whelan '07.5 and Dana G. Zucker '90, P'21



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