Member Spotlight: Genine M. Fidler '77, P'04, P'12

Genine M. Fidler '77, P'04, P'12

This interview is dated 3/23/2011.

The Women's Leadership Council would like to thank Genine for providing this interview for the Member Spotlight.  Genine has been an instrumental and inspiring leader for the WLC. She is former Co-Chair of the President's Women's Leadership Council, and was a Vice Chair for the Campaign for Academic Enrichment. She also serves on Brown's Creative Arts Advisory Council and is a member of the Brown/RISD Hillel Board. Genine graduated from Brown in 1977 with an AB in American Civilization.




You have been involved with the Women's Leadership Council since its inception, what has been a Council highlight for you? How do you see the Council continuing to evolve?

It is difficult to pinpoint just one highlight. Certainly, establishing and growing the Women's Launch Pad mentoring program is a major achievement and continues as a highlight for the Women's Leadership Council. I am also proud of the very successful effort we sponsored to raise new major gifts for the University's Boldly Brown Campaign through a matching grant initiative. There are other very important highlights from our work over these first 6 years: I am thrilled with the creation and invigoration of relationships among Brown women with one another and with the University. Through the Council and our sponsored gatherings of Brown women across the country, we are tapping into a rich reserve of good will and passion for the University and each other that is both astounding and satisfying. It is this network of ties among Brown women and with the University that I hope the Women's Leadership Council will continue to nourish and strengthen.

What does philanthropy mean to you and what is it about Brown that motivates you to give back?

Philanthropy to me is the opportunity to give back to the people and places that have given so much to me. I believe in the Jewish value of Tikuun Olam, to repair and heal the world. For me, philanthropy is an important vehicle for me to try to live this value. My husband, Josh, and I are committed to making a difference and improving the world as best we can. Philanthropy is a part of this plan.

Brown has been a huge part of my family's life experience. I credit the growth, relationships, and expanded vision I gained from my total Brown experience as one of the strongest influences in my life. This influence continues today, and not just because I met my husband at Brown. I believe Brown is an important force for the growth and development of people who will continue to be agents of change and improve our world. By giving back to Brown, I get to participate in that process.

Aside from your Women's Leadership Council involvement, what are some of your other passions at Brown?

In addition to the Women's Leadership Council, I am passionate about so many other things at Brown I could probably be there full time. I serve on the Creative Arts Advisory Board and am very excited about the new building and the opportunities to foster collaborative and interdisciplinary creativity. Josh and I are both big fans of all Brown Athletics including support for Brown teams (men's and women's) as well as intramural and athletic opportunities for all Brown students. We are passionate about improving the advising programs (including the Fidler Fund for Advising) and opportunities at the University and applaud the recent changes and new programs in this area. I also serve on the board of Brown|RISD Hillel and think they are doing a wonderful job enriching the spiritual and religious fabric of life at Brown.

What's your favorite Brown memory? As a Brown alumna and parent, do you see a difference in the college experience of your daughters and your own?

Of course my favorite memory at Brown has to be the night Josh asked me out for the first time. I remember it like it was yesterday.

The biggest difference in my daughters' experiences at Brown from my own has to be in their much richer engagement both intellectually and personally with their professors. Aside from this, the essential Brown experience feels remarkably "ever true."