Testimonials Provided by Women's Launch Pad Mentors and Mentees


Mentee/Mentor Pair: Elizabeth Weber '14 and Faviola Zuniga '17

Women's Launch Pad mentor Elizabeth Weber '14 concentrated in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Organizations (BEO) and Visual Arts during her time at Brown. She is a lead web designer at Stella & Dot, where she works on web and mobile design, user testing, and brand strategy for the global fashion brand.

Mentee Faviola Zuniga '17 is currently concentrating in BEO and Hispanic Studies. A First-Gen and active student on campus, Faviola is secretary of the Latin American Student Association and a member of the Gates Millennium Scholars, among other associations. With graduation quickly approaching, Faviola joined the Women's Launch Pad to connect with an alumna who could guide her on her life after Brown with a BEO career path and help her explore potential career trajectories.

Elizabeth and Faviola have what has been titled the "perfect" mentor-mentee relationship. After beginning their mentoring relationship in September, Elizabeth and Faviola have fallen into an effortless cycle of communication, trust, and guidance.



Givens Parr '16Givens Parr '16

Mentee: Givens Parr '16

Givens Parr '16 was introduced to Brown by her tenth grade English teacher, a Brown graduate. Givens researched the University and felt it was a strong fit, and two years later was accepted. Givens, an East Asian Studies concentrator,  had many mentors while attending Brown, who taught her lessons of Dostoevsky, Classical Chinese, Chinese vernacular literature, Tang Dynasty poetry, and most important of all, sticking to her guns, having confidence in her own intelligence, and how to use sass when she needs to. Givens joined the Women's Launch Pad for an opportunity to be connected to a "wise, interesting Brown alumna." Not only did she get wonderful guidance, but she also made a connection with a lifelong mentor. Read more about Givens's journey as a Brown undergraduate and Women's Launch Pad mentee.



Bianca Duah '16 and Dora Chu '16Bianca Duah '16 and Dora Chu '16

Peer-to-Peer Mentee Interview: Bianca Duah '16 and Dora Chu '16

Women's Launch Pad mentees Bianca Duah '16 and Dora Chu '16 first met during their freshman year at Brown while living at Perkins. After freshmen year they parted ways and saw each other mostly in passing. Now as mentees in the Women's Launch Pad, Bianca and Dora were asked to work together to create a peer-to-peer mentee interview as a way to learn more about each other and to tell the story of a mentee. Read on to learn more from Bianca and Dora's conversation.




Caitie Whelan '07.5Caitie Whelan '07.5

Mentor: Caitie Whelan '07.5

Caitie Whelan '07.5 is the Noter-in-Chief of The Lightning Notes, a "short daily post to help us move the world forward." A former  Senior Foreign Policy Advisor in Congress, Caitie felt that while this position offered her a great experience, it was time to make her wild idea of The Lightning Notes a reality.  Always an advocate for social justice, Caitie believes in moving the world forward in whatever way that we can. Caitie's involvement with mentoring at Brown and The Lightning Notes are only a few of the ways that she has moved the world forward. Read more about what inspires Caitie and how she inspires others.




Deanna Saunders '11 and Aleta Margolis '89Deanna Saunders '11 and Aleta Margolis '89

Mentee/Mentor Pair: Deanna Saunders '11 and Aleta Margolis '89

Deanna Saunders '11 applied for the Women's Launch Pad program in her senior year at Brown because she wanted guidance as she headed out into the "real world" for the first time. She remembers being very nervous about having no structure or direction for life after Brown. She hoped that a mentor would provide some of the support she was seeking. Aleta Margolis '89, did exactly that (and much more).

We asked Deanna and Aleta to reflect on their mentor-mentee relationship. Read their interviews.



Fatemeh Ziai '86 invites two of her mentees over for dinner at her home.Fatemeh Ziai '86 invites two of her mentees over for dinner at her home.

Mentor/Mentee Group: Fatemeh Ziai '86, Zainab Syed '14, Meghan Koushik '13, and Sarah Aoun '12

Fatemeh Ziai '86 is Director of Learning in the Development and HR Services Division for the Office of Human Resources at the United Nations. She is based in New York. Read Fatemeh's reflection on her Women's Launch Pad mentoring relationships.





Mentee/Mentor Pair: Chenelle Chin '12 and Carol Mahony '77

Women's Launch Pad mentee Chenelle Chin '12 is attending graduate school at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Her mentor, Carol Mahony '77, is a senior hand therapist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Read their reflections on their mentoring relationship.



Mentee/Mentor Pair: Rebecca McGoldrick '12 and Sarah Beaulieu '99

As a Women's Launch Pad mentee Rebecca McGoldrick '12 was interested in starting a non-profit after graduation. Sarah Beaulieu '99 was Rebecca's mentor. Sarah is the Executive Director of Organizational Advancement at Be the Change, Inc., and an author at The Enliven Project. Read more about their mentoring relationship.



Mentee/Mentor Pair: Mary Lesbirel '12 and Sheila Ennis '86

After graduating from Brown, Mary Lesbirel '12 began working at MasterCard as an Associate Analyst. Her WLP mentor was Sheila Ennis '86, Managing Director at Hypatia Captial Advisors. Read more about their experience as a Women's Launch Pad mentee/mentor pair.