Director's Message

Holly HarrielHolly Harriel

Greetings to all current and potential partners,

I have the pleasure of meeting with a wide variety of Rhode Island public education stakeholders; public officials, school officials, principals, teachers, guidance counselors, parents, youth and community organizers and service providers.

 Everyone I meet shares stories of great success.  At times, they also share their challenges, whether they are of a political, policy, classroom or economic nature.  Through all the conversations I have been uniformly impressed by the unwavering commitment of these stakeholders to grow and develop the success and impact of their work.  I am also encouraged to learn how eager stakeholders are to partner with Brown to strengthen their contributions to PK-12 education in Rhode Island. 

 The Office of Education Outreach (OEO) actively works to bear fruit from these conversations, strengthen Brown’s existing relationships and to build up new partnerships with public education stakeholders to support their efforts at encouraging students to strive for personal and academic excellence.

 The OEO facilitates many connections between schools and Brown University’s academic departments and business units.  A number of those connections have grown into pilot partnerships between Brown and schools that support long term academic achievement outcomes of local Rhode Island students. It is invigorating to see these partnerships grow and become staples in local education programming.

 The OEO will continue to develop relationships to expand Brown’s engagement in activities that will extend our reach in PK-12 engagement and further the mutual goals of improving our local schools.

If you are an education stakeholder interested in partnering with Brown University or a Brown University community member and are interested in partnering with members of the Rhode Island education stakeholder community, feel free to get in touch with the OEO for assistance.

 Holly Harriel 

Holly is currently the Director of the Office of Education Outreach at Brown University.  An urban planner by training and education, she has spent the last 20 years working on various urban issues.  Holly is trained in Geographic Information Systems and prior to her role at Brown she was an analyst for the  Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (RIDE). 

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Harriel is a graduate of Tuskegee University, Auburn University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Pennsylvania.