The Office of Education Outreach (OEO) mission centers’ around the belief that successful education outreach initiatives are built and dependent on meaningful partnerships.

 At heart, partnerships are a straightforward concept: people working together to achieve goals with mutual and equal benefit.  Yet, navigating the path of establishing successful PK-12 - higher education partnerships poses a reality that can be murky and complicated. That is why the Office of Education Outreach exists--to ensure that Rhode Island PK-12 stakeholders and Brown community members can establish fertile ground to grow and nurture programs and partnerships.

Partnerships supported and facilitated by the OEO include short term events, long term service projects, and on-going research and evaluation programs.  Throughout the development process the OEO ensures that partners and Brown University remain in communication and act upon an agreed agenda.  

Feel free to be in touch with the OEO, as we are happy to assist in connecting Brown University with the Rhode Island Pk-12 education stakeholder community. The following resource tool, "Working in Partnership with the Rhode Island Public School System", highlights a few principles of successful partnerships and was developed by the OEO to promote quality partnership development.

If you are Brown community member or are a local PK-12 education stakeholder and have ideas or questions about how to build a partnership or strengthen an existing relationship contact the Director of the OEO, Holly Harriel, at 401.863.6404 or