Panel Discussions

Panel Discussions

1:45 to 2:45pm
Our Aging Population & Aging Brains - Medical, Home and Social Design Challenges for the 21st Century

Moderated by Peter J. Snyder, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President & Chief Research Officer, Lifespan Corporate Services
Professor of Neurology, Alpert Medical School of Brown University

People have never lived so long. In the 20th century alone, life expectancy across the US and Europe rose by more than 25 years, and similar trends are now evident across the developing world. As the population ages, how should we adapt our homes, medical systems and civic infrastructures to best serve the needs of our citizens? Do we have the competencies in data translation, technology, devices, planning of public resources and space, and the independent-living and long-term care infrastructures that will meet the changing needs of an older world?

2:45 to 3:45pm
The Future of Genomics in Medicine
Moderated by Barrett W. Bready, ’99, MD’03
President & CEO, Nabsys, Inc.

Advances in genomic technology have made it clear that genomics will transform medicine. However, the ways in which this will happen are not as clear. Thought leaders on various aspect of this question will discuss what's in store for researchers, clinicians, and patients going forward.

3:45 to 4:00pm

4:00 to 5:00pm
Medical Nutrition – Treatment of Disease and Conditions using Nutritional Strategies
Moderated by Stephen Lane
Co-Founder, Chairman, Chief Venture Officer, Ximedica

The principle of good health care is nutritional abundance. Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, acid reflux, and others are all conditions that can be managed beyond the pill. But what is next…Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer…what more can be done to use nutrition to manage and fight disease?

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