Afro-pessimism and Its Kin

AFRI 2020 S01 [CRN: 26402]

As an intellectual project, Afro-pessimism has developed an interpretation of the unique position of black people within a world they say the transatlantic slave trade and anti-black racial solidarity has made. Through close reading, this seminar will begin by critically engaging the core texts of Afro-pessimism, move on to contextualize its central claims about black ontology, social death, civil society, and the world within its canon (e.g. Saidiya Hartman, Orlando Patterson, Hortense Spillers and so on) and critically engage an ever-expanding scholarship that takes up, expands, and contests the Afro-pessimist project (e.g. Fred Moten, Christina Sharpe and so on).
Section specific notes:
All students interested in registering for the course should attend the first day of class and override codes to register for the class will be given once the class roster is finalized.
Spring 2021
Credit Hours
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16:00 - 18:30 Thu - from Jan 20, 2021 to Apr 23, 2021